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The App

The Real Hub app processes key UK house market data and overlays it onto Google Maps in a colour-coded granular format, allowing consumers to be fully informed on their area of interest through an address-based search or on the go via their GPS location.


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The Hub

At Real Hub, we are dedicated to providing consumers with transparent and in-depth information on their local house market allowing them to make informed decisions without any hunches. Our interactive data visualisation mapping app allows consumers to do a full address or GPS search and identify who lives in their place of interest, what the house price trends are, what the crime rates are like and where their nearest points of interest are.

So, whether you are a seasoned landlord sourcing your next investment, a buyer looking to relocate or a student moving out of halls of residence into private rented accommodation, the Real Hub app is an essential point of reference to ensure that you fully understand a neighbourhood and the local property market conditions before completing your move.


Why the Real Hub App?

Why the Real Hub App?

  • Key house market data displayed to a full postcode level, providing the most detailed & undistorted information on your area of interest.
  • Unique house market demographic segmentation allow buyers/renters to identify areas that they can relate to, or investors to identify where their target market are located.
  • Concise and easy to understand map-based mobile app, a vital reference point for when looking at houses in unfamiliar areas.

Search & Filter to Display data on...

Key Features

  • tablets

    Get Mobile

    A mobile app which provides the flexibility & convenience of searching from any location, be that from home, on the street, in a lecture or in the auction room.
  • maps

    Map-based Search

    All data is overlaid over Google Maps, providing a fully interactive search experience.
  • map-pin

    Get to the Detail

    All data is displayed to a full postcode level, therefore giving accurate & undistorted market information.
  • eye

    Visualise it

    Our colour coded granular style format provides an easy to understand and appealing data visualisation.
  • circle-grids

    Spot the Trends

    The colour coded data categories make it simple to identify trends and where certain categories are clustered geographically.

How it works..


Download and register via your respective app store.
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Begin your google map search by address or via your GPS location.


Select which house market dataset you wish to overlay your location, then conveniently switch between them as desired.


Filter selected dataset as required. So displaying the categories that are only of interest to you.

See the results

Select your precise area of interest to receive all the details you need.
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  • demopoints
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